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Redcliffs Rifle & Pistol Range Daily Summer Hours

Starting May 1st, 2016 The Summer Hours will be Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday

8:00 AM until 12:00 PM


Redcliffs Rifle & Pistol Range Daily Winter Hours will resume in October of 2016

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday

10:00 AM until 3:00 PM


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Message from the Vice-President, John Freeman

We Had Visitors

Hello all.   We had a young couple from Germany visiting the U.S. on their honeymoon.  They are Daniela and Felix Foester.  They decided to visit us and we all had a great time.   They started out shooting my Glock 19, then Jack Blanton brought out his Baretta 92 and his Remington R1.  Not to be outdone, Bill Hagen brought out his S&W 629 and they shot Dirty Harry style.  Fred Howes showed them the lighter side of shooting with his  Sig Sauer .380 and Sig Sauer .22.   Chuck McCaffrey set up Felix with his custom built .223.  WOW, what a trip to America they had.  They had never fired a shot in their lives and  had quite the experience with our club members. Good Luck to Daniela and Felix on their marriage and come back to America soon.

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Do you remember the Hurricane force winds in 2014?

Here are some pictures of the damage those winds created at the range.  Our Members VOLUNTEERED to come out to the range, clean up, and repair the damage.  It was quite a mess!

Redcliffs Rifle & Pistol Association

5850 W. 1800 S. #1

Hurricane, Utah 84737



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